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Paul Green aiming to make Ireland Euro 2012 squad

4 April 2012 2,493 views 40 Comments Written by Ronan

Derby County midfielder Paul Green has spoken of his ambition of making the 23 man Republic of Ireland squad for Euro 2012.

Green was a late call-up to Giovanni Trapattoni’s squad for February’s friendly against Czech Republic, but was brought on in the second-half instead of Glenn Whelan. “I was shocked to play half an hour against the Czech Republic, as I didn’t expect to get on,” Green told the Derby Telegraph. “I was just glad to be back in the squad.

“I thought I did pretty well when I came on and you just never know now. It would be nice to get on the plane. That would be one of the biggest achievements of my career, if not the biggest. Hopefully, I can get there but I know how tough it is going to be to get in.”

Green has shown his versatility in recent times, filling in for John Brayford at right-back for Derby County. However, for the last couple of games, Green has returned to the more familiar central midfield role. “It was a bit frustrating at times when you’re at right-back and you can’t get forward as much as you want to,” said Green. “It’s been nice to get about the pitch a bit more recently.”

A knee ligament injury ruled Green out of the first half of the 2011-12 season, as well as the final Euro 2012 qualifiers, but now that he’s back to full fitness, Green is definitely a contender to make Ireland’s final 23 man squad for this summer’s European Championships.

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  • IrishRI said:

    Let’s hope that this is one dream that does not come true. If he makes it ahead of McCarthy, McClean, Hoolahan, Coleman or virtually any other Irish player playing in England for that matter then I’ll be very disappointed. I was reading that the only players from the Championship that are going to the Euros are all Irish players. Again I say we should not have Championship level players in our squad.

  • Rupert said:

    He can aim all he likes, lets hope he doesn’t make it

  • Nick said:

    ultimate plastic paddy how dare he even call himself irish…not only is he not good enough to be in the squad hes being picked ahead of such talent like hoolahan mccarthy and even conor clifford,three proud irishmen.mccarthy went through hell in scotland because of his pride at being irish yet this chaps uncle had to write to the fai to get him a call up.hes a complete and utter disgrace and a rubish footballer thats not wanted by a soul in this country

  • cathal said:

    calling him a complete and utter disgrace is a bit much. However, he is absolute pony; I think we can all agree on that!
    “It would be nice to get on the plane. That would be one of the biggest achievements of my career, if not the biggest.”
    WTF! What other achievements, if any, does he have that he could even compare to playing in the European Championships?!!

  • IrishRI said:

    I have a new theory. I think Trap finds it easier to remember players with one syllable or easy to pronounce names like Green, Hunt, Duff, Kelly, Cox, Long, Dunne, Given, Ward, Keane. When it comes to names with more than five letters that he finds more difficult to say he simply leaves them off the team so save himself embarrassment. Hoolahan, Pilkington, McCarthy, Clifford, Wilson, McClean. Could I be on to something here?

  • Paul said:

    I read some recent comments suggesting Trap was leaning towards including McClean, but who knows. Certainly McCarthy should be in the squad. As to Championship players not being in the squad, until recently, Andrews was at Ipswich, where he did well, and St. Ledger has had an improved season at Leicester and won his starting spot. Both deserve to be on the plane to Poland I think. St. Ledger gives 110 percent when he plays for us, and has done well for that matter, although its not always pretty. He even showed up to the Irish camp injured one time just because he wanted to be present, instead of taking vacation. Guys like him render the “plastic paddy” argument meaningless in my view.

  • csa said:

    Sadly I think we all know that Green will be on the plane, ahead of other players mentioned. We are the only squad going to the Championships being picked on longest time serving rather than ability and form. Trap also made sure we have a lack of friendlies before the Euros so no one can force a late claim to the squad and get the public and the media on his back. It is ridiculous and I have a feeling we will get what we deserve this summer.
    Then to make matters worse we have given Trap another 2 years before we see how this summer works out. No doubt there will “not be enough time” to blood the players or have them “learn the mentality” mentioned as we enter into WC qualifiers later in the year. And on and on it goes…

  • Richie said:

    People seem to have this peverse attitude that Trapattoni is deliberately trying to sabotage the team just for the laugh.. He wants to win just as much as any Ireland fan does, moreso if anything, he just has different opinions on how to do it. If Paul Green gets in the squad ahead of McCarthy or whoever, it’s because Trap sees something in him that most Ireland fans don’t. I personally would choose the player with the greater apparent pedigree (McCarthy), but I’m willing to accept that a guy who has dealt with thousands of players over a decades long career at the highest levels might have a better eye for this than me. I don’t see Green or McCarthy getting on the pitch in Poland anyway unless we have an injury crisis, it’ll be Whelan and Andrews with Gibson next in line.

  • IrishRI said:

    You don’t need to have dealt with thousands of players over a decades long career at the highest level to see know what McClean is better than Hunt or McCarthy/Hoolahan are better than Green. Trap went through the same thing when he managed Italy. He didn’t pick what most people perceived to be their best players and he got much stick from the media and fans. They turned out to be justified when his teams flopped out of WC2002 and EURO2004 early. The next manager came in and did pick the best players available and won the world cup. Due to injuries, suspension and fatique every player in the squad could wind up getting playing time. Remember Turkey at EURO 2008. They had to name their subkeeper as an outfield sub for a game and we’re down to 13 or 14 total fit and available players by the end of the tournament.

  • John said:

    Trap goes for like-for-like replacements most of the time, and Green works as a backup to either Whelan or Andrews. I think (hope) that Gibson will have played himself into contention ahead of Green, but chances are we’ll still see him go to the finals. Fahey, McCarthy may make the squad, but its evident that Trap doesn’t trust them to shield the back four. Hoolahan has no chance at this stage. One thing has alarmed me recently is Whelan’s tendency to throw himself into challenges and go to ground too easily. Andrews has a bit more nous about him, but Whelan spends half the game on his back. For these games, an inform Gibson could be very effective.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Green is a dreadful player and you can’t even argue that he is the closest fit to Andrews and Whelan. He is more of an attacking midfielder for Derby and he couldn’t even get into their midfield for the majority of this season.

    He was talked up by Irish fans on the basis of an average performance and a fluky goal in the pre-World Cup 2010 friendlies against Algeria and Paraguay.

    He proceeded to look like a fish out of water in abysmal performances against Armenia, Andorra and Russia. My heart was in my mouth every time he touched the ball against Armenia. Russia? We all know how that turned out.

    People shouldn’t just blindly follow Trapattoni, despite the fact that Championship players like Green, Keogh and Hunt are ahead of players like Hoolahan, McCarthy, Coleman, Ireland and McClean in the pecking order.

    Trap made a mess out of managing Italy and as someone pointed out, they went and won a World Cup as soon as they got a progressive manager in Lippi.

    I think that Trapattoni has taken Ireland as far as he can and I appreciate that but I genuinely think we will get a hiding at the European Championships and will be back to square one in the Autumn.

  • Richie said:

    Well if you are going to pick apart Trap’s CV on the basis of his failure as Italy boss (where it has to be said, he had a degree of bad luck, for instance being the only side to go out of their Euros group with 5 points, and the hometown refereeing decisions that South Korea got against them in the WC), be prepared to lower the bar an awful lot for whoever comes in after him, because we’ll most likely be back to the level of someone for whom winning the Championship in England would be the apex of their career.

    IrishRI, I take your point about injuries.. Turkey were an extreme example though, I don’t remember an international tournament squad ever being hit that badly. I do hope Trap picks McCarthy (or Fahey, if he counts as CM instead of winger) over Green but I think it’s unlikely any of them will see more than a few minutes in the tournament.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Tim Howard praises Darron Gibson

    “You need your holding midfielder to protect the back four. Darron has done great for us in a number of aspects – but particularly in anchoring the midfield,”

    “Frankly, since Lee Carsley left we haven’t had somebody in that mould. To have a guy in there who likes to roll his sleeves up and who wants to be known as part of that unit really helps.”

    In the last 5 Everton games that Gibson has played in, Everton have scored 10 goals and conceded 0. Everton are unbeaten with Gibson in the team.

  • John said:

    Gary Dicker started his first game since October for Brighton against Burnley last night. If they get into the play-offs, he could be playing in the prem next season. Here’s hoping he stays fit, because he is certainly a player with talent.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Reading are 1st and Hull are 9th. Teams from 1st-9th in the table could realistically get promoted, at this juncture.

    Here are the young Irish players that could benefit from the exposure of playing in the Premier League next season.

    Hunt – Reading
    O’Brien – West Ham
    Dicker – Brighton
    Mason – Cardiff
    Brady – Hull

    It could also be last chance saloon for veterans like Harte, Connolly, Carr and McPhail.

    Harte is out of contract at the end of this season but has surely earned an extension. Carr is likely to be out until the end of the season.

  • Ronan said:

    It’s very unlikely Brady will be loaned to Hull next season Prop.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Jon Daly has been phenomenal for Dundee United for the last several seasons. I’d like to see him given a chance in a friendly but we all know how Ireland friendlies work.

    Besides big dumb Jon Walters has a stranglehold on his place in the Ireland squad judging by some cocky comments assuming he’s in Ireland’s squad for Euro 2012.

    …after 4 appearances.

    In an ideal world, there is a lot of deadweight in and around the Ireland squad that shouldn’t be called up again ie. McShane, Kilbane, Green, Hunt, Foley and Keogh and Cox and particularly Walters have done nothing to guarantee their places in the Ireland squad.

    This is what I hate about the England born players like Walters. You have the humble, unassuming Long and Doyle who have broken their proverbial backs to get where they are and then brash, cocky lads like Walters.

  • Richie said:

    Your preconceptions about Walter and Cox are ridiculous Prop. Both have done well for Ireland when selected. Cox has 3 goals and was denied a 4th against Macedonia by a bad refereeing call. Walters may only have 1 (an important one) but he provided plenty of a goal threat in his other games, a lot moreso than Doyle has lately. The bit about “brash, cocky lads” vs. “humble and unassuming” ones is laughable. Why should your perception of the personality of the players matter a jot as to whether they get selected for international duty or not? And you don’t think Walters and Cox have also had to “break their proverbial backs” to get where they are? They just strolled into being Premier League footballers with no effort whatsoever, right?

  • Propagandhi said:

    On a more positive note, McCarthy had a good game against Chelsea and Sammon was lively after coming on.

    James McCarthy

    Made a good surge early on to take the ball and hand it to Di Santo, whose shot was deflected wide. Harried all game and linked well with McArthur when on the ball.


    Wes Hoolahan and Damien Duff both had great games and both also got assists.

    Amazing to think that only 1 of these players is likely to go to Polkraine.

  • Propagandhi said:

    “Wes Hoolahan Had an excellent game in the heart of Norwich’s midfield.” 8 Sky Sports

    “Damien Duff Brilliant from start to when he came off late on.” 9 Sky Sports

    Shay Given
    Top of the Match

    Was rarely tested in the first half, but was required in the second after Suarez headed onto the post, before the keeper showed brilliant reactions to scoop the ball off the line. The Irishman’s hesitant save from Agger’s header led to Liverpool’s equaliser, as Suarez was able to pounce on the rebound. Made a number of saves at the end to earn his side a point.

    Jon Walters has just missed a sitter for Stoke after Marc Wilson put in a beautiful cross..

  • Rupert said:

    Prop, did Jon Walters do something to you in reality? You seem to have your knife in his back for some reason. Nobody else seems to think he is a poor player bar you.

  • Propagandhi said:

    He has scored 2 goals in 32 games from open play, and he’s a striker.

    Kevin Doyle has scored 4 goals from open play in less games, and he’s playing in a putrid Wolves team.

    Shane Long has scored 6 goals from open play and he’s been crocked for half the season.

    I frankly think that Peter Crouch, Kenwyne Jones and Ricardo Fuller are more talented players than Jon Walters.

    As John Giles once said about Kevin Kilbane “he’s got heart but by God he’s limited”.

    I’m sorry but I won’t apologise for saying that Doyle, Long and even Cox can do the same job Walters does (running around like a headless chicken) better and have more to their game in general.

  • John said:

    Who was it that said ‘hard work beats talent every time’? Walters is not as naturally talented as Doyle, Cox, Keane, maybe even Keogh, but he has shown that he can play the target man role for us, and do a better job than almost anyone else.

  • Paul said:

    I agree with Prop that Jon Walters is having a horrible year. If you watch Stoke’s games he has one terrible miss nearly every game. His form is worrisome. Trap should at least consider other options. If Walters keeps playing like this up through the Euros, going against the likes of Spain and Italy, he would be nothing but a liability.

  • Propagandhi said:


    My prediction about Reading going in for Kevin Doyle has proved true. Southampton also linked with a 4m move.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Amid the gloom surrounding Richard Dunne’s injury, Wes Hoolahan’s absence, McCarthy, McClean and Coleman’s murky prospects, Paul Green’s mere presence and Jon Walters self perceived importance to the team it is easy to forget that we have some players on red hot form, no more than Damien Duff.


    Martin Jol calls Duff “unbelievable” and compares him to a more defensively disciplined Arjen Robben.

  • Propagandhi said:


    More praise lavished on Hoolahan, something of a weekly occurrence.

    Imagine the uproar if Scotland or Wales ostracised a player of this quality.

  • Fionn said:

    You’re beating a dead horse at this point Prop, he’s not going. We can’t do anything about it.

  • Propagandhi said:

    I can use it as a stick to beat Trapattoni with. He can make asinine decisions all he wants, it doesn’t mean he can’t be held accountable.

    Would Wales or Scotland leave out Aaron Ramsey, Gareth Bale or Charlie Adam.

    No they wouldn’t.

    I know Hoolahan isn’t going to the Euros and it’s a disgrace but I will continue to give the lad props for probably being the best Irish player to grace the Premier League for years.

  • Fionn said:

    I’d leave out Aaron Ramsey, he’s shit! See his miss yesterday when he was 5 yards out with about 10 seconds to line up a shot. Shocking.

    Adam is also shit, Hoolahan definitely shits on those players but I take your point.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Yeah that says it all about Arsenal. They make the hard things look easy and the easy things look hard. Someone could have an open goal and instead of tapping it in, they would square it.

    This just in. WALTERS SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding. Robert Huth has scored his 3rd League goal of the season. That’s more than Walters has scored from open play all season.

  • John said:


    China friendly lined up for September. Lets hope we get to see a few new caps.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Euro 2012 over. We look forward now with the right men-tal-ity. I am watching Hoolahan, Pilkington, Ireland, Wilson and Carsley too but right now we need players with men-tal-ity. I watch McClean, Coleman, McCarthy. Many videos and DVD’s. They too young. Too young. They for the future. We have Walters, Cox and Keogh who can play on the wing. We have Foley and Green who can play in midfield. These are players with the right men-tal-ity.

  • Propagandhi said:


    I feel sorry for Keogh missing out, to the benefit of people who don’t give a shite about their Irish heritage ie. Jon Walters.

    Keogh has been in the setup since the beginning of the Trap era as opposed to Walters who made his debut against Norway. He has also been involved in both campaigns.

    It’s reasonable to think that Keogh should go, based on his club form as opposed to Walters, and Cox for that matter.

    I would pick between Cox and Walters to go to the Euros and I would probably go with Cox, despite his lack of action compared to everyone else. Hard to argue with 3 goals and he offers something different to Walters who is limited and basically a poor mans Doyle and Long.

    I would probably bring Keogh, Stokes or even Best as the 5th man.

  • Nick said:

    prop keogh is a dismal player i dont think he should get in just because he been there all along or because hes irish born he offers us very little.hes has 20 od caps to show us hes worth his spot(if you think about it 2oish caps more than hoolahan,stokes or coleman) and hes been consistantly rubbish…seems a nice chap but hes simply not up2 it just like alot of lads in the suad right now but on the plus side hes in the championship where he can do well but having said that hes not good enough for internationals

  • John said:

    So, Keogh > Walters because he has been a regular under Trap.
    How does that tally with the argument for including Hoolahan? Maybe it’s because Keogh has the right ‘men-tal-ity’.

    Also, Jon Walters made his debut for Ireland at U-21 level in 2003. It’s inaccurate to portray him as some jonny-come-lately. He’s as Irish as McGeady or McCarthy, but they never seem to catch any flack.

  • Propagandhi said:

    McGeady and McCarthy were good enough to play for Scotland and chose to play for Ireland because they are aware and proud of their heritage.

    Walters is playing for Ireland because he is nowhere near good enough to play for England. Grant Holt, Steve Morison, Danny Graham and Jamie Mackie have all came up to the Premier League this season and made a bigger impact than this headless chicken has.

    And yes, Keogh is as good as Walters. Walters has played practically every minute of the season and scored 2 goals from open play. If Keogh got the game time at Wolves, whose to say he wouldn’t fare better?

    Walters has made 5 appearances for Ireland and hasn’t looked dangerous in front of goal but has been talked up by Irish fans. Green was talked up too and look how that ended up.

    I’m pissed off about Walters because of his attitude. Always bleating to the press about wanting to play for Ireland blah blah blah. No shit, Jon. And more so, I’m extremely pissed off by his sense of entitlement. I seen an interview where he said he’s going to Euro 2012. I’m sorry but it would be disrespectful if Doyle or Long behaved like that. It is a joke when someone who isn’t Irish (a) and hasn’t earned his place in the squad (b) says it.

  • Propagandhi said:

    By the way, I would have Ireland, Hoolahan, McClean, McCarthy and even Andy Reid in the team ahead of Keogh AND Walters.

  • John said:

    I am pretty sure that Jon Walters was aware of his Irish heritage at a young age. His mother was Irish.

    I really don’t know where you identified this perceived ‘arrogance’. I never heard a word of complaint from him in the last campaign or the beginning of this one, toiling away at Stoke while Keogh and Folan got picked ahead of him. Walters fits the system and he’s played better in his few games for Ireland than I have ever seen Keogh play in a green shirt.

    In an ideal world, I would have Hoolahan, McClean and McCarthy in the squad too. I hope they all play in the 2014 qualifiers. I also wish that Leon Best was fit, Connor Sammon was better, Danny Graham was eligible and Stephen Ireland was sane. They aren’t. Right now Walters fits the bill.

  • Nick said:

    his lack of goals is down to the fact hes been playing a wider role at stoke because croch has come in hes given more a free role to get things into crouch and to chase down defendersNot play as a centre forward like he did last year..he more strenght,skill and overall beter play than keogh and picking him over keogh is a no brainer.tbh he fits the system beter than keogh as he can hold his own out wide but is a hard worker…and on the topic of his alligence?he was being capped for the youth teams when he was considered a promising young english player at bolton..in fairness i understand the whole plastic paddy thing with paul green alex pearce and even jermaine pennant being prime examples but i honestly think walters has pride in representing us hes put in dedicated in your face performances not afraid of getting injured for us which is admirable

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