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Trapattoni names 23-man Republic of Ireland squad to face Sweden and Austria

17 March 2013 13,605 views 33 Comments Written by Ronan

Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has named his final 23-man squad for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers against Sweden and Austria.

Trapattoni had selected 29 players in his initial squad, but has been forced to leave out Anthony Pilkington, Aiden McGeady, and Paul McShane through injury. The Italian has also axed Wolverhampton Wanderers duo Kevin Doyle and Stephen Ward, while Reading defender Alex Pearce and West Ham United full-back Joey O’Brien have also been left out.

With Pilkington and McGeady sidelined, Trapattoni has drafted in Millwall’s Andy Keogh as cover out wide. Sean St Ledger is included in the panel after featuring for Leicester City in the past few weeks, following five months on the sidelines with a hamstring injury.

Speaking about the final squad, Trapattoni discussed how difficult it was to narrow his squad down. “As a manager, I am sometimes faced with some very tough decisions, but I feel that the squad I have chosen will get us the results we need from these two qualifiers,” he said.

“I have not made these choices lightly, and will continue to monitor each player’s progress ahead of our next challenges in May and June.”

Ireland travel to Stockholm to play Sweden on Friday March 22nd, before hosting Austria in Dublin on March 26th.

Ireland squad:
David Forde, Keiren Westwood, Darren Randolph, John O’Shea, Sean St Ledger, Ciaran Clark, Marc Wilson, Seamus Coleman, Stephen Kelly, Darren O’Dea, Glenn Whelan, James McCarthy, Paul Green, Wes Hoolahan, Jeff Hendrick, James McClean, Andy Keogh, Robbie Brady, Robbie Keane, Shane Long, Conor Sammon, Jon Walters, Simon Cox.

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  • Propagandhi said:

    Ireland are in for a real Hamren in Sweden.

  • Nick said:

    Andy Keogh……..f***sake

  • Propagandhi said:

    Seriously, why the hate for Keogh? At least you know there is an 85% chance that he won’t play. Cox is a nailed on starter and he is as bad as Keogh and he doesn’t have an Irish bone in his body. Why not make him a scapegoat?

  • Propagandhi said:

    I see that Walters sat out a training session with a “knock”. This is becoming a regular occurrence whenever he links up with the Irish team. He’s able to play 90 minutes for Stoke every week though. I don’t like his attitude and would take any combination of Stokes, Best or Sammon over him or Cox any day of the week.

    Stokes already punished for crying out of a squad yet Walters has got away with the same crap in the past and doesn’t train properly when he links up with our country.

    Lump of shite.

  • IrishRI said:

    Great. Only a week left in the Trapattoni era. I can’t wait.

  • Propagandhi said:

    Potentially, the beginning of a new era will begin at Wembley in the summer. A new start without Trapattoni.

    Hopefully Ward, McShane, Whelan, Andrews, Keogh, Cox and Walters won’t ever wear an Ireland jersey again.

    Squad for the England game, in an ideal Trapattoni-less world.

    St Ledger

    A large squad that takes injuries into consideration.

  • mikeire said:

    jumping the gun a little in terms of sacking Trapattoni! I think it’ll only take 2 draws to keep his job. Anything less and he’ll find it very hard to stay in the job but he’ll probably sue for wrongful dismissal anyway such is the snake he is.

  • Propagandhi said:

    I honestly don’t think it’s realistic to expect anything more than one point from the two games. We haven’t beaten a team at either Sweden or Austria’s level since Trapattoni was employed. I don’t see that changing now of all times. We could get a draw against Sweden but even two points won’t be good enough. We have been lucky to draw our way through weak groups. I don’t think draws against Austria will suffice when we give up 6 points to Germany without a fight and will lose points in (at least) one game to Sweden. We squeaked past Kazakhstan too. Who is to say they won’t beat us in Dublin. They will (rightly) see a draw against us as an achievable result.

    I can’t understand the lack of belief and respect from Trapattoni towards Irish football. You look at Slovakia’s performance against Italy in the World Cup, Armenia’s performance against Slovakia in Euros qualification and Sweden’s comeback against Germany in this campaign and can’t help but feel that if Trapattoni had more respect for us, instilled a little belief, desire and fight, showed more motivation and stopped showing too much respect to other teams and a lot of our draws against teams like Bulgaria and Slovakia could have turned into wins and even that disaster against Russia in Dublin and the loss against France in Dublin could have been averted if we played the way we did in the 2nd half/2nd leg from the start.

    But as I keep saying, the biggest folly from the Trapattoni era is the complete lack of accountability or contrition from the cocky old man and his inability to come to terms with the fact that Paul McShane, Paul Green, Simon Cox and even the most immobile midfielder in International football Glenn Whelan are all utter liabilities.

  • IrishRI said:

    Trap has earned a nice little nest egg for the grandkids. One final big payday. That’s really the only reason he is with Ireland. It will take a few years to undo the damage he has done to Irish football but at least we can’t start moving in the right direction once he gets chopped.

  • Nick said:








    Keane-Long-Walters-Stokes-Wickham-Will Keane

    I know its jumping the gun saying Trap could be gone but imagine if some1 new came in having all these players to their disposal?and sorry if im offending people wit the granny rule players i know theres alot of for and against arguments and i know the likes of ferdinand and conor wickham arnt the best but sure they could be options.the fai should really push for these players because at present ou player pool needs beefing up and is lacking quality

  • mikeire said:

    I completely understand Props view on the granny rule, it does stink of “If I can’t play for England, I might as well play for this lot” and they can get stuffed but I don’t think I can ever forget the commitment and national pride of players such as Aldridge, Houghton, McAteer and now McCarthy and McGeady. I don’t think I’d want A.Ferdinand or O’hara playing for us because that would be a joke at this point but I do believe there would be committed Irish players available that were not born in Ireland. Example being, I was born in Ireland and have lived in London for pretty much most of my life, If I had children born in London and they became pro footballers they would ONLY play for Ireland. NO WAY WOULD I HAVE AN ENGLAND FOOTBALLER IN THE FAMILY.

  • Nick said:

    surely even Noble and Naughton would improve us?

  • Propagandhi said:

    I don’t think Ferdinand, O’Hara, Noble, Wickham, Naughton and the Keane brothers are an improvement on what is available to us. None of them have shown any interest in playing for Ireland either. Since when was a lack of desire such a desirable quality in International football? The likes of Cox, Walters and Green are clearly not good enough at this level but at least they didn’t hem and haw about playing for us.

    Rob Elliot, the latest example, has been evasive about playing for Ireland, which I find quite baffling considering @ 26 years old, he has only broken into the Newcastle team because of injuries and he wasted our time and resources by playing for underage teams.

    As for some of the other fringe players you mentioned, like Carruthers, McLaughlin and Flood, they either have to prove themselves or have proven not good enough.

    I’d agree about Stephen Quinn, Andy Reid and Aidan White possibly having an Ireland future. They are all good enough.

  • Nick said:

    Prop Noble has aquired his Irish passport but Trap refused to pick him because he felt Glenn Whelan was a better option. I think Naughton is a good option hes played at lb for spurs which is our bogey position, I know Ferdinand and some of the others mentioned are poor but in fairness theyr options given our tiny pool. Iv seen Flood play a number of matches and hes a decent player,can play across the midfield but mainly as a rw and in my opinion is a better option then cox or keogh,mclaughlin and carruthers are good options for the future just pissed off that wev wingers available but shitty strikers are getting lashed on2 the wing and play piss poor stuff

  • Ronan said:

    @Prop – please shut up about the English player thing!!! Give it a rest!! Also you mentioned Best in your squad? Are you completely stupid? I’d prefer Rory Best than Leon Best!
    Stokes is completely unproven and can barely make the Celtic team. Andy Reid is well past his best. There are enough good Irish players if we play the right formation to put it up to Sweden. With Trap we won’t but anyway.

    If we played:
    Coleman, O’Shea, Clark, Wilson
    McCarthy, Whelan
    Brady, Hoolahan, McClean

    Keane can replace Hoolahan as Keane is our only goal scorer!!

  • IrishRI said:

    That would be my exact team too in a 4-2-3-1. Gibson instead of Whelan would of course he optimal but Trap has pissed him off too. We could actually field a good starting 11 of players that Trap has pissed off or alienated. The sooner this guy slings his hook the better. It will be too late to qualify of course but it will definitely bring a lot of fans back once we start playing out best 11 and a decent brand of football under a new manager.

  • Nick said:

    @Ronan I agree with that Rory Best is a better scrummager than Leon but neither of em have anything on George.Stokes is ‘unproven’ at international level because hes 4 caps each of em 5 minute cameos,hes scored whatmust be over 50 spl goals which at 24 is still impressive even if its not the league it used to be. Andy Reid has been interiffic form I watch a lot of championship football and hes been involved in alot of forests goals this season so I think saying hes ‘past it’ is down to the fact you havnt watched him,in fairness if i hadn paid much attention to him i too would have said he was ‘past it’ but theeres no point critising these lads when you quite obviously havnt watched them,its the likes of Green,McShane,Keogh,Cox,Whelan,O’dea that deserve critisism as they are the lads who have been given the chance over and over again and have proven feck all

  • Propagandhi said:

    @ Ronan

    Best is a proven goalscorer in the Premier League and Championship. I don’t particularly rate him but he is a better option than Walters and a far better option than Cox. Stokes has never been given a chance with Ireland. As Nick said, Cox has been given plenty of chances on a silver platter and has never produced anything. And if you knew anything about football, you would know that after Hoolahan, Gibson and McCarthy, Reid is our best option in central midfield. He’s no Deschamps water carrier but then again, Glenn Whelan isn’t fit to carry anyone’s water.

  • Nick said:

    Interesting article in the indo saying how whelan and green wer taken apart by hendrick-mccarthy and hoolahan in a traning match with the ‘non regulars’ looking very composed.how on earth does he not see the logical thing to do?

  • IrishRI said:

    If Green starts ahead of McCarthy it’s a crime against football.
    If fact all Trap does is commit crimes against football so nothing would surprise me.

  • IrishRI said:

    If Sweden can put 4 past England and then another 4 past Germany they should put about 8 past Ireland.

  • Nick said:

    so seems Green is starting which is a disgrace and totally disrespectfull to james mccarthy and WHY THE FUCK is glenn whelan the useless fucker always deemded an automatic pick?its hard to take the positives out of this but the back four and front tow is probably the best right now consiering ward,cox and all the shite has occupied the positions.played fr a draw is so frustrating and hes obviously not willing to progress this team so based on the poor selection alone trap should be out

  • IrishRI said:

    Yes. The team is named.
    What a f*cking joke….Green and Whelan.

    Coleman, O’Shea, Clark, Wilson,
    Brady, Green, Whelan, McClean,
    Keane, Long.

  • Lochlainn said:

    Not too bad, the backs are just as I’d have them. only difference I’d make if that’s the formation is McCarthy for Whelan. Green’s doing good for Leeds, despite being at a lower level to Whelan, I think he deserves a go. McCarthy should be in there too. And with a formation change Hoolahan too instead of Keane. But overall pretty good!

  • Propagandhi said:

    McCarthy is left out despite doing nothing to deserve such a decision. McClean, Brady, Whelan and Green in midfield is an extremely worrying proposition. Trapattoni has been doing his utmost to damage Brady’s psyche in the last week and last few training sessions to the point that it doesn’t matter if Brady starts. He will (potentially) be going in to the match with thoughts of Trapattoni’s condescending and undermining him in his head. How is this supposed to boost a young player’s mentality? How is bringing him off at half-time against Faroe Islands supposed to boost his mentality. For the record, I would still start Brady ahead of Keogh but nonsense like dropping McCarthy and the treatment of Brady is limiting our chances even more, and they were already slim.

    Forde starting worries me but there is nothing anyone can do but bemoan the fact that Given and Westwood are on the bench every week.

    Clark and O’Shea combination worries me. St Ledger may be suffering from a lack of first-team football and playing out of position at Leicester but he has done little wrong for Ireland and is the 3rd most likely person to score for us after Long and Keane (what does that say about our midfield/tactics?). It is times like these that you really appreciate Richard Dunne. I would be more comfortable with Dunne leading O’Shea, Clark, St Ledger or O’Dea because none of the latter players are capable of marshalling a defence.

    Positives are Coleman and Wilson in defence and Long up front but there are too many negatives. Tactics, formation, midfield, manager doing his best to piss off another young player…..

    I would probably go with

    Kelly, O’Shea, St Ledger, Wilson
    Whelan, McCarthy
    Coleman, Hoolahan, McClean

    If the manager hadn’t ostracised Gibson or left form players like Joey O’Brien out of the squad, it would make the selection process a lot easier.

  • mikeire said:

    I think trap might ask Keane to drop into midfield and leave Long up top on his own. I’ll be a bit pissed of if that actually happens as we have Hoolahan as a ready made player for that position! no disrespect to Keane but in a 100 games he would not play as well as hoolahan in this role.

    McCarthy is probably our best player this year! he’s pretty much played every game and been linked with countless clubs. leaving him out is a bit of a shock that may spell the end of Trap unless Green and Whelen produce miracles.

    Agree the Coleman and Wilson are pluses but Paul Green ahead of Gibson, McCarthy, Hoolahan or even Hendrick is baffling.

  • DH54 said:

    Anywhere to watch the match online

  • Paul said:

    When we are chasing a goal at the end, I hope Trap does not bring in Cox over Hoolahan, but nothing surprises me anymore.

  • Nick said:

    If you think about it he actually put out a stronger side against the Faroes,madness

  • IrishRI said:

    What Trap said today.
    Paul Green is like Gatusso and Nobby Stiles.

    Maybe in two or three years James McCarthy can be better than Glenn Whelan.

    This guy has lost the plot.

  • ace said:

    MAYBE in two years James McCarthy can be better than Glenn Whelan.

    The most inane thing I have ever heard.

  • IrishRI said:

    On that basis if Arsenal and Liverpool are scouting James McCarthy then Man United and Real Madrid must surely be scouting Glenn Whelan.

  • Propagandhi said:

    If Glenn Whelan left Stoke, he’d have a job finding a Premier League suitor. And if Tony Pulis leaves, the writing is on the wall for Glenn.

    James McCarthy has his pick of Premier League clubs when he leaves Wigan.

    McCarthy has made more progress in 8 months as an International footballer than Whelan has in 5 years.

    Whelan just isn’t cut out for it. No physicality. Slow as a tortoise. Can’t pass. Puts defence under pressure instead of easing the pressure. Can’t pass. Can’t shoot. He plays like a 39 year old not a 29 year old. 1st name on the teamsheet.

    It’s an insult to say he is better than McCarthy but then again O’Brien, Gibson, Andy Reid, Hoolahan and Long have all been insulted time and time again when players like McShane, Whelan, Andrews, Cox and Walters play at their expense.

    Question. Where do the goals come from tomorrow? Keane penalty? Long? I can’t see any other possibility.

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