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Irish Medal Winners

The following is a list of Republic of Ireland football players who have won major cross-channel medals. This list will be updated to include previous years and previous competition winners.

1999-2000PremiershipDenis IrwinMan Utd
1999-2000PremiershipRoy KeaneMan Utd
1999-2000Intercontinental CupDenis IrwinMan Utd
1999-2000Intercontinental CupRoy KeaneMan Utd
2000-01PremiershipDenis IrwinMan Utd
2000-01PremiershipRoy KeaneMan Utd
2001-02League CupDamien DuffBlackburn
2001-02League CupAlan KellyBlackburn
2001-02League CupAlan MahonBlackburn
2002-03PremiershipRoy KeaneMan Utd
2002-03PremiershipJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2002-03Community ShieldRoy KeaneMan Utd
2002-03Community ShieldJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2003-04FA CupRoy KeaneMan Utd
2003-04FA CupJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2003-04Community ShieldRoy KeaneMan Utd
2003-04Community ShieldJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2004-05Champions LeagueSteve FinnanLiverpool
2004-05Champions LeagueDarren PotterLiverpool
2004-05PremiershipDamien DuffChelsea
2004-05League CupDamien DuffChelsea
2005-06Super CupSteve FinnanLiverpool
2005-06PremiershipDamien DuffChelsea
2005-06FA CupSteve FinnanLiverpool
2005-06League CupJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2005-06Community ShieldDamien DuffChelsea
2006-07PremiershipJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2006-07Community ShieldSteve FinnanLiverpool
2007-08Champions LeagueJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2007-08PremiershipJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2007-08League CupRobbie KeaneTottenham
2007-08Community ShieldJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2008-09Premier LeagueJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2008-09League CupDarron GibsonMan Utd
2008-09League CupJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2008-09Community ShieldJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2009-10League CupDarron GibsonMan Utd
2009-10League CupJohn O'SheaMan Utd
2010-11League CupStephen CarrBirmingham
2010-11League CupKeith FaheyBirmingham
2010-11Community ShieldJohn O'SheaMan Utd

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