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Results: 1924-1935 (Irish Free State)

From 1924 to 1935, the Irish Free State was represented internationally by the Irish Free State national football team, with players selected by the Football Association of Ireland. This was before there was an international manager appointed, and the team was chosen by a panel of selectors. Val Harris was the head coach during the 1930s, as was Billy Lacey, and were responsible for training and tactics.


28 May 1924Bulgaria1-0Paddy DuncanStade Olympique, Colombes, France1924 Olympic Games1,500
2 June 1924Netherlands1-2 (AET)Frank Ghent 32Stade de Paris, Saint-Ouen, France1924 Olympic Games2,000
3 June 1924Estonia3-1Duncan 15, Christy Robinson 48, Ghent 69Stade Olympique, Colombes, France1924 Olympic Games3,000
16 June 1924United States of America3-1Ed Brookes (hat-trick)Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly-,---
21 March 1926Italy0-3Motovelodromo, Turin, ItalyFriendly12,000
23 April 1927Italy B1-2Bob Fullam 6Lansdowne Road, Dublin, IrelandFriendly20,000
12 February 1928Belgium4-2Jimmy White 55, 73, Bill Lacey 59, Jack Sullivan 77 (p)Standard Liege Stadium, Liege, BelgiumFriendly25,000
20 April 1929Belgium4-0John Joe Flood 44, 72, 80, David Byrne 88Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly15,000
11 May 1930Belgium3-1Jimmy Dunne 33, 57, Flood 77Parc du Meir, Brussels, BelgiumFriendly15,000
26 April 1931Spain1-1Paddy Moore 40Montjuic Stadium, Barcelona, SpainFriendly100,000
13 December 1931Spain0-5Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly35,000
8 May 1932Netherlands2-0Joe O'Reilly 20, Moore 48Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam, NetherlandsFriendly30,000
25 February 1934Belgium4-4Moore 27, 48, 59, 75Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland1934 World Cup Qualifier35,000
8 April 1934Netherlands2-5Johnny Squires 44, Moore 57Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam, Netherlands1934 World Cup Qualifier38,000
16 December 1934Hungary2-4Joey Donnelly 36, Paddy Bermingham 62 (p)Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly25,000
5 May 1935Switzerland0-1St. Jakob Park, Basel, SwitzerlandFriendly23,000
8 May 1935Germany1-3Plev Ellis 19Kampfbahn Rote Erde, Dortmund, GermanyFriendly35,000
8 December 1935Netherlands3-5Ellis 13, Fred Horlacher 32, 35Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly35,000

1934 FIFA World Cup Qualification


25 Feb 1934 – Irish Free State 4-4 Belgium
08 Apr 1934 – Netherlands 5-2 Irish Free State
29 Apr 1934 – Belgium 2-4 Netherlands


*GAv is Goal Average, and was used to determine the sides who would progress. It was replaced by Goal Difference in the 1970 World Cup.

v Belgium: James Foley (G), Jeremiah Lynch (D), Thomas Burke (D), Peandar Gaskins (D, capt.), Joseph O’Reilly (D), Joseph Kendrick (M), William Kennedy (M), David Byrne (M), Patrick Moore (F), Timothy O’Keefe (F), James Kelley (F)

v Netherlands: Foley (G), O’Reilly, Patrick Byrne (D), Gaskins (D, capt.), James Chatton (D), Kendrick (M), Kennedy (M), John Squires (M), Moore (F), William Jordan (F), Patrick Meehan (F). Sub: Alfred Horlacher (F) for Jordan (41′).

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