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Results: 1936-1954 (Ireland)

Between 1936 and 1954, the Irish national football team was known as Ireland, having changed from the Irish Free State in 1936, and before changing to the Republic of Ireland national side in 1954. This team was chosen by the FAI from players from the entire island of Ireland. At the same time, a team picked by the Irish Football Association (IFA) did the same, and played in the British Home Championship, also under the name Ireland. These are the results of the FAI-selected side which is recognised as the successor to the Irish Free State team and the precursor of the Republic of Ireland national football team. Ireland were coached by Joseph Wickham in qualifying for World Cup 1938, and Alex Stevenson for World Cup 1954.


17 March 1936Switzerland1-0Jimmy Dunne 34Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly32,000
3 May 1936Hungary3-3Dunne 12, Joe O'Reilly 19, Owen Madden 68Hungária Úti Stadium, Budapest, HungaryFriendly15,000
9 May 1936Luxembourg5-1Dunne 9, 86, Joey Donnelly 65, Jimmy Kelly 71, 87Stade Municipal, Luxembourg, LuxembourgFriendly8,000
17 October 1946Germany5-2Donnelly 25, 69, Tom Davis 35 (p), 65, Matty Geoghegan 58Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly28,000
6 December 1936Hungary2-3Bill Fallon 20, Davis 75 (p)Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly27,000
17 May 1937Switzerland1-0Dunne 30Wankdorf Stadium, Bern, SwitzerlandFriendly25,000
23 May 1937France2-0Davy Jordan 52, Jackie Brown 58Colombes Stadium, Paris, FranceFriendly16,688
10 October 1937Norway2-3Geoghegan 37, Dunne 49Ullevaal, Oslo, Norway1938 World Cup Qualifier28,000
7 November 1937Norway3-3Dunne 10, Kevin O'Flanagan 62, Harry Duggan 88Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland1938 World Cup Qualifier27,000
18 May 1938Czechoslovakia2-2Davis 42, Dunne 89AC Sparta Stadium, Prague, CzechoslovakiaFriendly17,000
22 May 1938Poland0-6Polish Army Stadium, Warsaw, PolandFriendly25,000
18 September 1938Switzerland4-0Paddy Bradshaw 1, 20, Dunne 8, Tommy Donnelly 70Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly31,000
13 November 1938Poland2-3Bill Fallon 10, Johnny Carey 12, Dunne 68Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly34,295
19 March 1939Hungary2-2Bradshaw 14, Carey 87Mardyke Arena, Cork, IrelandFriendly12,000
18 May 1939Hungary2-2Kevin O'Flanagan 53, 80Hungária Úti Stadium, Budapest, HungaryFriendly15,000
23 May 1939Germany1-1Bradshaw 65Weserstadion, Bremen, GermanyFriendly35,000
16 June 1946Portugal1-3Jack O'ReillyEstádio da Luz, Lisbon, PortugalFriendly60,000
23 June 1946Spain1-0Paddy Sloan 37Metropolitano, Madrid, SpainFriendly45,000
30 SeptemberEngland0-1Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly31,988
2 March 1947Spain3-2Davy Walsh 16, 79, Paddy Coad 23Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly42,102
4 May 1947Portugal0-2Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly31,618
23 May 1948Portugal0-2Estádio da Luz, Lisbon, PortugalFriendly50,000
30 May 1948Spain1-2Tommy MoroneyMontjuic Stadium, Barcelona, SpainFriendly--,---
26 June 1948Netherlands1-3Brendan O'Kelly 52Fratton Park, Portsmouth, England1948 Olympics8,000
5 December 1948Switzerland0-1Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly25,563
24 April 1949Belgium0-2Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly28,018
22 May 1949Portugal1-0Coad 35 (p)Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly28,000
2 June 1949Sweden1-3Walsh 9Råsunda Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden1950 World Cup Qualifier38,000
12 June 1949Spain1-4Con Martin 14 (p)Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly30,171
8 September 1949Finland3-0Johnny Gavin 35, Martin 44 (p), 68Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland1950 World Cup Qualifier22,479
21 September 1949England2-0Martin 33 (p), Peter Farrell 85Goodison Park, Liverpool, EnglandFriendly51,047
9 October 1949Finland1-1Farrell 65Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland1950 World Cup Qualifier13,000
13 November 1949Sweden1-3Martin 61 (p)Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland1950 World Cup Qualifier41,031
10 May 1950Belgium1-5Bobby Duffy 72Century Stadium, Brussels, BelgiumFriendly25,000
26 November 1950Norway2-2Jackie Carey 24 (p), Walsh 61Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly31,215
13 May 1951Argentina0-1Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly40,000
30 May 1951Norway3-2Farrell 17, Alf Ringstead 67, Coad 82Ullevaal, Oslo, NorwayFriendly20,900
17 October 1951West Germany3-2Posipal o.g. 9, Arthur Fitzsimons 40, Dessie Glynn 85Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly29,451
4 May 1952West Germany0-3Müngersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, West GermanyFriendly80,000
7 May 1952Austria0-6Praeter Park, Vienna, AustriaFriendly64,000
1 June 1952Spain0-6Estadio Chamartín, Madrid, SpainFriendly75,000
16 November 1952France1-1Sean Fallon 24Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly40,000
21 March 1953Austria4-0Ringstead 46, 53, Tommy Eglington 74, Frank O'Farrell 80Dalymount Park, Dublin, IrelandFriendly40,000
4 October 1953France3-5Reg Ryan 58, Walsh 83, O'Farrell 85Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland1954 World Cup Qualifier45,000
28 October 1953Luxembourg4-0Fitzsimons 18, 59, Ryan 48, Eglington 62Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland1954 World Cup Qualifier20,000
25 November 1953France0-1Parc des Princes, Paris, France1954 World Cup Qualifier32,256
7 March 1954Luxembourg1-0George Cummins 62Stade Municipal, Luxembourg, Luxembourg1954 World Cup Qualifier20,000

1938 World Cup Qualification


10 Oct 1937 – Norway 3-2 Ireland
07 Nov 1937 – Ireland 2-2 Norway


*GAv is Goal Average, and was used to determine the sides who would progress. It was replaced by Goal Difference in the 1970 World Cup.

v Norway (h): George McKenzie (G), Charles Turner (D, capt.), Michael Hoy (D), Tom Arrigan (D), Kevin O’Flanaghan (D), James Dunne (D), William O’Neill (M), Joseph O’Reilly (M), Harry Duggan (F), John Carey (F), William Gorman (F)

v Norway (a): McKenzie (G), Turner (D, capt.), Tommy Foy (D), Joe Williams (D), Dunne, Owen Kinsella (M), O’Reilly, Joey Donnelly (M), Tom Donnelly (F), William Jordan (F), Mattie Geoghegan (F)

1950 World Cup Qualification


02 Jun 1949 – Sweden 3-1 Ireland
08 Sep 1949 – Ireland 3-0 Finland
09 Oct 1949 – Finland 1-1 Ireland
13 Nov 1949 – Ireland 1-3 Sweden
*Sweden and Finland’s head-to-head games were cancelled after Finland withdrew.


v Sweden (a): Tommy Godwin (G), Rory Keane (D), Jackie Carey (D, capt.), Thomas Moroney (D), Con Martin (D), Edward Gannon (M), Danny McGowan (M), David Walsh (M), Paddy Coad (F), Tommy Eglington (F), Jackie O’Driscoll (F)

v Finland (h): Godwin (G), Carey (D, capt.), Moroney (D), Martin (D), Thomas Aherne (D), Gannon (M), John Gavin (M), Arthur Fitzsimons (M), Brendan Carroll (F), Tommy O’Connor (F), Peter Desmond (F)

v Finland (a): Godwin (G), Carey (D, capt.), Aherne (D), Moroney (D), Martin (D), Tim Coffey (M), D. Walsh (M), Gavin (M), O’Connor (F), Desmond (F), Peter Farrell (F)

v Sweden (h): Godwin (G), Carey (D, capt.), Aherne (D), Martin (D), William Walsh (D), Reg Ryan (M), Peter Corr (M), D. Walsh (M), Farrell (F), Desmond (F), O’Connor (F)

1954 World Cup Qualification


20 Sep 1953 – Luxembourg 1-6 France
04 Oct 1953 – Ireland 3-5 France
28 Oct 1953 – Ireland 4-0 Luxembourg
25 Nov 1953 – France 1-0 Ireland
27 Dec 1953 – France 8-0 Luxembourg
07 Mar 1954 – Luxembourg 0-1 Ireland


v France (h): James O’Neill (G), Seamus Dunne (D), Thomas Aherne (D), Peter Farrell (D), Con Martin (D), Frank O’Farrell (M), Thomas Moroney (M), Arthur Fitzsimons (M), Davy Walsh (F), Reg Ryan (F), Thomas Eglington (F, capt.)

v Luxembourg (h): O’Neill (G), Robin Lawler (D), S. Dunne (D), Edward Gannon (D), Noel Cantwell (D), Liam Munroe (M), George Cummins (M), Fitzsimons (M), Ryan (F), Eglington (F, capt.), Shay Gibbons (F)

v France (a): O’Neill (G), Thomas Clinton (D), Lawler (D), Gannon (D), Martin (D), Farrell (D), Alf Ringstead (M), Fitzsimons (M), D. Walsh (F), Ryan (F), Eglington (F, capt.)

v Luxembourg (a): Ted Scannell (G), Clinton (D), Tommy Traynor (D), Matt Gallagher (D), Martin (D, capt.), Patrick Saward (M), John Gavin (M), Noel Kelly (M), Cummins (M), Fred Kearns (F), Jimmy Hartnett (F)

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