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Portable and quite simple to use. Your way of life becomes simpler! It is portable, foldable, and light in weight. The ability to “Grab-and-Go” is a benefit of this vacuum cleaner.

Since it is cordless, you can pick it up effortlessly and begin sweeping up the dirt in your house or office.



Cleaningable filters


No material is lost, and the reuse is environmentally favorable to stop odor lingering. 

The little handheld vacuum generates better filtration and has a longer lifespan because it has a washable stainless Filter. The filters can be cleaned after usage.



The cleaner and sweeper has a plastic and thick surface that cannot break at any time. 

Everything is arranged to ensure it is durable and last longer. The cordless vacuum cleaner is on standby and can be used at any time.



  • It has hand push sweeper and mop combination
  • Time-saving and effortlessly sweeping and mopping.
  • 360 degree rotary floor Dust sweeper. It has no cables and no batteries.
  • It works on tile, marble, linoleum vinyl, wood.


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